BOHS Airmon 2020

BOHS: Airmon 2020, 10th International Symposium on modern principles of air monitoring and biomonitoring

Bristol, United Kingdom, new date to be defined for 2021 (previously September 6 – 10 2020)

Marriott Hotel Bristol City Centre, 2 Lower Castle Street, BRISTOL

Organizer: British Occupational Hygiene Society (BOHS)


This symposium is the leading international forum at which recent progress in workplace, residential and environmental exposure assessment strategies and associated analytical air sampling and biomonitoring methodologies can be discussed. The symposium is supported by a consortium of European and International Institutes of Occupational and Environmental Health and Safety, from whom, members of the scientific committees are drawn.


  • Air sampling – aerosols, bio aerosols, gases, mixed-phase and nanoparticles
  • Air samplers – development and testing
  • Analytical measurements – chemical speciation
  • Biomonitoring – biomarkers of exposure
  • Direct reading instruments – field measurements
  • Emerging measurement requirements
  • Epidemiology
  • Exposure assessment and modelling – strategies, peak exposures, multi-exposures
  • Method comparability, harmonisation, standardisation and validation activities
  • Quality assurance of measurements – calibration, proficiency testing and reference materials
  • Sensors (wearable and static) – connectivity, development, testing and usage
  • Test chamber workplace simulation studies – development, validation and usage

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